Cervicek challenges his dismissal as Czech police chief


08.01.2014 15:16

Prague - Martin Cervicek criticised the review proceedings on the basis of which outgoing Interior Minister Martin Pecina had dismissed him from the post of Czech police president and he called the procedure expedient and unlawful at a press conference today.


Bývalý policejní prezident Martin Červíček vystoupil 8. ledna v Praze na tiskové konferenci ke svému odvolání z funkce. ČTK Doležal Michal

Besides, Cervicek added, the result was predictable in view of Pecina´s dispute with him.

Cervicek said he would protest against the step by filing a remonstrance.

He noted that he would not fulfil the post of deputy police president, but he would take a leave.

The police had two chiefs from early December 2013 when Pecina reinstated Petr Lessy in the post after the court acquitted him of charges. Cervicek had replaced Lessy in the meantime.

As both refused to resign, Pecina launched review proceedings examining the legitimacy of Cervicek´s appointment.

Cervicek pointed out today that Pecina´s advisory commission had not questioned his appointment as police president.

"It has only considered it illegitimate that I was not dismissed by the most appropriate police deputy. It seems absurd to me," he said.

According to the commission, Cervicek should not have been dismissed from the post of deputy police head by the then interior minister Jan Kubice but by another deputy police head, Pavel Osvald.

Pecina called it a serious shortcoming and therefore he cancelled Cervicek´s appointment.

Lessy is the only police president as of today.

Cervicek has returned to the post of deputy for criminal police and investigation service.

Both men agreed that Cervicek would take holiday and current deputy police chief Vaclav Kucera would keep working in the position.

Cervicek previously indicated that Pecina was taking steps against him since he had rejected the minister´s proposals for personnel changes in the police.

Kubice dismissed Lessy in August 2012 after the General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS) accused him of allowing the leak of negative information a regional police chief.

A district court acquitted Lessy saying the act he was charged with did not occur and the appeals municipal court halted his prosecution. It concluded that the decision had been made in disciplinary proceedings.

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