CechRep, Slovakia against any division of Ukraine - ministers


25.02.2014 14:58

Bratislava - The Czech Republic and Slovakia consider Ukraine's split unacceptable and unrealistic, the Czech and Slovak foreign ministers Lubomir Zaoralek (Social Democrats, CSSD) and Miroslav Lajcak, respectively agreed at their first official meeting today.


Ministr zahraničních věcí Lubomír Zaorálek (vlevo) přijel 25. února do Bratislavy na návštěvu Slovenska. V Prezidentském paláci ho přijal prezident Ivan Gašparovič. ČTK Koller Jan

They said Ukraine must get out of the deep political crisis, which would be the main task of the interim government to be established on Thursday. It should bring the country to new elections, they added.

"The division is a completely unacceptable scenario. This would be a step back. I believe that most inhabitants (of Ukraine) do not wish it," Zaoralek told the media after his meeting with Lajcak.

Zaoralek stressed that the current conflict was the other civil war in Ukraine in the past ten years.

The new government that would emerge from the elections to replace the interim cabinet should set a political system to prevent conflicts from repeating, he said.

If the new Ukrainian government did not find a way to unite the country and calm down the political situation, the conflict could repeat in three to four years, and it might be "even more serious, complicated and bloody" than of lately, Zaoralek said.

Both ministers agreed that only after new elections were held and the establishment of a new government it would be possible to return to the talks on the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The work on it has lasted for many years.

Along with a stabilisation of the situation in the country and the talks on the agreement, it is necessary to strengthen the "capital of trust between the EU and Russia," Zaoralek said.

Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are trying to help Ukraine. In the first stage, this involves an offer of health care to the injured.

On Thursday, two planes with aid on board will be sent from the Czech Republic to Ukraine.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are also ready to provide financial help.

"Our [Czechoslovak] know-how from the 1990s may be useful for Ukraine," Lajcak said about Ukraine's transition to a more stable political situation.

The Czech and Slovak governments are to discuss the foreign policy, economic diplomacy, economic development and joint infrastructure at their joint meeting that may take place this spring.

The programme is only being drafted.

Zaoralek started his first official visit to Slovakia by meeting President Ivan Gasparovic.

The planned afternoon meeting with Prime Minister Robert Fico was cancelled as Fico broke his Achilles tendon in a football match on Sunday.

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