Car production in CR up 13 pct to 324,082 cars in Q1


11.04.2014 16:12

Prague - Production of passenger cars in the Czech Republic grew by 13.4 percent to 324,082 vehicles in the first quarter of this year and Skoda Auto´s production was a quarter higher than a year ago, the Automotive Industry Association (SAP) announced today.


Mladoboleslavská Škoda Auto začala 5. dubna sériově vyrábět model Škoda Octavia Combi, která měla před několika týdny světovou premiéru na autosalonu v Ženevě. V květnu bude zahájen prodej na prvních evropských trzích, v České republice bude stát 364.900 korun. ČTK Škoda Auto

"This is the first sign of boom on European markets that manifests itself in production of vehicles in the Czech Republic. I expect the trend to last in the course of the whole year," said SAP president Martin Jahn.

The output of car maker Hyundai Nosovice grew as well - by 3.4 percent. On the other hand, rival TPCA Kolin registered a 6.6 percent drop in output due to the launch of production of new models.

Skoda Auto raised its share in the total production of passenger cars in the country by almost 4 percentage points to 60.4 percent, Hyundai´s share fell by 2 percentage points to 24.3 percent and TPCA saw a one percentage point fall to 15.3 percent.

Production of buses increased by 31 percent year on year to record 744 buses in Q1 2014. The main producers are Iveco Czech Republic with an 86 percent share and SOR Libchavy with 13 percent.

Lorry production from the sole producer Tatra fell by 3 lorries to 154 lorries.

Production of motorcycles of the only producer Jawa Moto grew by three quarters to 545 motorcycles.

Production of trailers and semi trailers rose by a fifth to 6,127 units.

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