Bells, sirens commemorate Czech soldiers killed in Afghanistan


10.07.2014 13:24

Prague - Sirens were blaring and bells ringing all over the Czech Republic at noon in memory of the four soldiers who died in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on Tuesday.


Na budově Generálního štábu Armády ČR v Praze byla 8. července kvůli smrti čtyř českých vojáků v Afghánistánu stažena vlajka na půl žerdi. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

After 13:00 CEST, a special military flight with the remains of the soldiers is to land at the military airport in Prague-Kbely.

Tribute will be paid to the soldiers in a ceremony that will follow.

The tragedy occurred close to the Bagram base in the east of Afghanistan.

One soldier who received serious injuries remains in hospital at the Bagram base.

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