Bavarian PM wants Czech minister at future Sudeten German meeting


08.06.2014 18:09

Augsburg - Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer wants to do his utmost so that a senior member of the Czech government or even the prime minister would take part in the Sudeten German conference in the next years, he said at the end of the 65th Sudeten German conference today.


Benešovy dekrety patří na smetiště dějin a jejich další existence jen zbytečně zatěžuje společnou budoucnost Čechů a Němců. V projevu při závěrečném zasedání 65. sudetoněmeckého sjezdu to 8. června řekl nejvyšší představitel sudetských Němců Bernd Posselt. K tématu poválečného odsunu sudetských Němců se v projevu vrátil také bavorský premiér Horst Seehofer (na snímku). ČTK Stříhavka Jakub

His words were applauded by the participants in the conference.

Seehofer said a lot of effort and patience would be needed to achieve the goal.

As the prime minister of Bavaria, Seehofer is the traditional patron of Sudeten Germans.

Seehofer said a representation of Bavaria will open in Prague in the next months.

He said this was a historical step because Germany is usually represented in foreign countries only by the federal government.

Seehofer was the first Bavarian prime minister to visit Prague in 2010. His visit was a breakthrough moment in relations between Prague and Munich.

He said he wants to keep strengthening the relations between Bavaria and the Czech Republic.

No member of Czech government took part in the Sudeten German conference in Augsburg this weekend, but Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) deputy chairwoman Klara Liptakova, Greens outgoing leader Ondrej Liska and TOP 09 lawmaker Daniel Korte were among the participants.

A mass preceding the conference´s main programme today was celebrated by Prague Bishop Vaclav Maly.

Milan Horacek, a German politician of Czech origin who was awarded at the conference on Saturday, called on Czech ministers to take part in the future conferences, too.

He also said it would be good if the Sudeten Germans could organise their conference in one of the Czech towns, in which there had been a large ethnic German population before World War Two.

Sudeten German leader Berndt Posselt today called for the abolition of the Benes Decrees, based on which ethnic Germans had been moved out of Czechoslovakia after WW2.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said in reaction that the Czech government can see no reason for any challenging of Benes Decrees and for the opening of the issue.

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