Baby hatches rescue 100 children in CzechRep in past eight years

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published: 31.12.2013, 09:16 | updated: 31.12.2013 09:22:17

Pardubice - A newborn girl whom an unknown person put in a baby hatch in Pardubice early this morning is the 100th Czech baby rescued this way since 2005 when the baby hatch network started to be built in the country, the network´s initiator Ludvik Hess told CTK.

At present there are 59 baby hatches in the 10.5-million Czech Republic.

The hatch in the hospital in Pardubice, a regional centre in eastern Bohemia, was installed in 2008. The girl who was placed in it today is the second in the hatch´s history.

Hess said the high number of babies deposited in Czech baby hatches so far, 60 girls and 40 boys, raised mixed feelings in him.

"I cannot rejoice at it, because it shows a huge shortcoming of our society. Besides the kids found in baby hatches, dozens of dead and thrown-away babies have been found, and a tremendous number of others have been probably never found," Hess said.

"On the other hand, it is naturally a satisfaction for me that so many children could dignifiedly start their lives owing to the baby hatches which I pushed through and installed almost by my own hands. Otherwise they could have been left abandoned on a park bench or in a railway station´s waiting room," Hess added.

Mothers can put unwanted kids in baby hatches, which are heated and equipped with a video camera and a device that alerts the medical staff if a baby appears inside.

The person who puts a baby in a hatch remains anonymous and the police do not try to find his/her identity, as the child´s life or health are not endangered and its depositing in a hatch is not a crime.

The first baby hatch was installed in Prague´s GynCentrum private clinic in 2005, the last one in the hospital in Domazlice, west Bohemia, on December 18, 2013.

Further two are being prepared in Valasske Mezirici, north Moravia, and Kutna Hora, central Bohemia. They will start operating in February and March, respectively, Hess said.

He said he expects another 20 baby hatches to be installed in Czech towns so that they are maximally accessible to the women in need.

Critics of baby hatches, including the U.N. committee for child´s rights, say they go counter the Convention on Children´s rights, for example its articles on children´s right to their identity, nationality and knowledge of their parents.

Number of baby hatches and children deposited in them in past eight years:

YearNumber of kids in baby hatchesNumber of new baby hatches



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