Austria extradites Czech Ricar, sentenced to six years in prison


02.05.2014 11:12

Mikulov - Austria extradited architect Marek Ricar, who has been sentenced to six years in prison for a subsidy fraud and money laundering, to the Czech Republic today.


Rakouská policie předala 2. května na hraničním přechodu Drasenhofen-Mikulov svým českým kolegům osmačtyřicetiletého Marka Řičáře. Architekt v současnosti vystupující pod jménem Josef Marek si má v ČR odpykat šestiletý trest za organizování dotačního podvodu a pokus o další. ČTK Šálek Václav

Austria, where Ricar fled, arrested him based on an international arrest warrant, which the Prague Municipal Court issued in 2012 because he did not start serving the sentence.

Czech police took Ricar over at the Mikulov-Drasenhofen border crossing. The police car was accompanied by another two ones carrying masked men armed with automatic rifles.

According to the valid court verdict, Ricar, 48, masterminded and helped carry out a plan to fraudulently gain a 15.5-million-crown subsidy from the Local Development Ministry for the reconstruction of the Budisov chateau, south Moravia.

He committed the crime with accomplices who were convicted later.

The money for working-out the documentation for the construction of multimedia communication centres in regions ended up in Ricar's pockets or in the accounts of the companies he controlled. Ricar denies any wrongdoing.

In the Budisov case, in which Ricar acted as one of the key witnesses, the former adviser to two Social Democrat prime minister, Zdenek Dolezel, and the Agriculture Ministry's clerk Miloslav Rehulka were charged with having blackmailed Ricar into gaining EU subsidies for the reconstruction of the Budisov chateau, south Moravia.

However, both men were eventually acquitted.

The Prague High Court recently upheld Ricar´s guilt in the case of another subsidy fraud at the Local Development Ministry, but it did not impose on him any additional sentence, saying the original six-year one for similar acts was sufficient.

The original verdict also includes the forfeiture of Ricar´s property for the benefit of the state and a five-year ban on business and the activity of a statutory body in firms focusing on designing.

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