Audit at CSSD ministries finds mistakes for 2 billion - Czech PM


11.07.2014 11:20

Prague - Ministers for the Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) have found "skeletons in the cupboard" worth about two billion crowns, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) said today, adding that a half of the sum are problematic IT system orders at the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry.


Premiér Bohuslav Sobotka (na snímku) navrhl 7. července na setkání s filmovými producenty v Karlových Varech navázat příjmy Státního fondu kinematografie (SFK) na výběr některé daně, aby fond získal pravidelný roční příjem. ČTK Němeček Pavel

"We have found out that the public administration is in a worse condition than we believed," said Sobotka, whose coalition government was inaugurated at the end of January.

It took over from Jiri Rusnok´s caretaker government that replaced the rightist government of Petr Necas (Civic Democrats, ODS), which fell over a bribery and illegal shadowing scandal in June 2013.

Sobotka said the public administration was succumbing to "corruption and interest pressures" and allowed for taking state money out.

He added that the audits continue and that the sum announced today is not probably the final one. Sobotka said he expects further audits to uncover problems with drawing money from European funds.

Labour and Social Affairs Minister Michaela Marksova-Tominova said her ministry "unnecessarily wasted" one billion crowns on IT systems in 2011-14.

The audit also uncovered a violation of financial discipline in European projects.

She said the latest "skeleton in the cupboard" is a half-million crown fine that the anti-trust office imposed on her office for an order for telephones from the time when Jaromir Drabek (TOP 09) was minister.

Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek mainly spoke about the State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL). He said the audit confirmed plans for taking 300 million crowns out from the body through IT orders and that the institute wasted money.

Education Minister Marcel Chladek said his ministry is planning to file a criminal complaint about uneconomical spending totalling 615 million crowns, 235 million of them on European projects and state secondary-school leaving exams.

Human Rights Minister Jiri Dienstbier said the Government Office is dealing with the ordered payment of 550 million crowns in the ProMoPro case from the period of the Czech EU presidency in 2009, and it faces a financial sanction of the same value.

Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek said the CPP Transgas state firm bought real estate for 351 million which he said was a dubious transaction. Of the total, 317 million crowns have been regained.

The wood research institute also wanted to buy real estate, but it has gained none. The damage amounts to 130 million crowns, Mladek said.

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