Arms at Prague embassy gift from communist reps - Palestinians


15.01.2014 20:29

Prague - The weapons found at the future seat of the Palestinian embassy in Prague were gifts from representatives of the then communist Czechoslovakia, Palestinians said in a statement sent to the Prague police, police spokesman Tomas Hulan said today.


Budova budoucího velvyslanectví Palestiny v Praze-Suchdole (na snímku 2. ledna). ČTK Doležal Michal

The police found 12 unregistered firearms from the 1980s in the embassy building in Prague-Suchdol neighbourhood after the explosion of a safe that killed Palestinian ambassador Jamal al Jamal on January 1.

Detectives launched a ballistic examination of the firearms to rule out that a crime had been committed with them in the Czech Republic. The tests will last several weeks, Hulan said.

However, Palestinians in their statement claim that the arms were never used for any purpose in the past or even handled outside the safe where they were preserved, Hulan added.

The Czech Foreign Ministry previously said it would qualify the arms possession at the embassy as the violation of law.

The ministry also sent a request to Palestine asking for an official statement about the fatal explosion.

Jamal succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the blast after opening the embassy's safe in his diplomatic flat where the safe was moved shortly before.

The Czech police have ruled out a terrorist act. They are investigating the blast as killing caused by negligence and illegal arms possession.

The police today received the first partial expert opinions concerning the safe and the explosive, Hulan said.

Local inhabitants started protesting against the location of the Palestinian embassy in Suchdol.

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