Anti-Semitism more common on Czech Internet in 2013 - report


05.05.2014 12:03

Prague - Anti-Semitic comments on the Czech Internet doubled in 2013, compared with 2012, but physical attacks on Jews are exceptional and anti-Semitism is not present in the majority society, the Prague Jewish Community says in an annual report released today.


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Prague Jewish Community deputy chairwoman Eva Lorencova said the report shows that Czech society is not tolerant of anti-Semitism.

Lorencova said the report pointed to alarming trends such as cyberbullying.

The report also warns against new populist political parties that use radical nationalist rhetoric.

Far-right groups have been moving their activities to the Internet since 2011, the report says.

In 2013, 156 anti-Semitic texts, websites, pictures and videos were posted on the Internet. In 2012, 82 anti-Semitic manifestations were registered and in 2008 it was 28.

This increase may be related to the general disintegration of the far-right scene in the country and to the fact that the Internet has become more easily available. It also seems to be a reaction to the pro-Israeli policy of the Czech government and to social and economic problems in the country, the report says.

The Internet texts mostly present classical racial anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the world or particular institutions.

In 2013, the Jewish Community registered three attacks on Jewish property and one case of bullying a Jewish student of a secondary school in a small town.

In 2012, there were six attacks on Jewish property and no physical violence.

Data on threats remained more or less unchanged, too.

The report writes that the situation is calm and cannot be compared to Hungary and France where anti-Semitic manifestations have become part of public life.

It says anti-Semitism can be considered a marginal phenomenon in the Czech Republic, unlike expression of hatred of Romanies.

The figures of the Prague Jewish Community report differ from the data of the Czech Police Presidium because the police count only incidents registered as crimes, while the community applies the criteria of the EU´s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

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