Anna Sabatova becomes new Czech ombudsman


14.02.2014 14:02

Prague - Czech lawmakers elected former deputy ombudsman Anna Sabatova new Czech ombudsman today, preferring her to present deputy ombudsman Stanislav Krecek in the secret vote´s second round, Jan Klan (Communists), head of the Chamber´s election commission announced.


Novou ombudsmankou bude bývalá zástupkyně veřejného ochránce práv Anna Šabatová (na archivním snímku). Poslanci jí podle informací ČTK dali 14. února v druhém kole tajné volby přednost před nynějším zástupcem ombudsmana Stanislavem Křečkem. ČTK Štěrba Martin, Fluger René

In the Chamber of Deputies, Sabatova received the lowest possible support required for election, backed by 85 of 168 deputies present.

Sabatova said she would like to discuss the possible extension of the powers of ombudsman.

The ombudsman should have the right to propose the abolition of a law to the Constitutional Court and to file complaints related to discrimination.

Sabatova said she would like to make a revision of the proposals presented by previous ombudsmen Otakar Motejl and Pavel Varvarovsky.

Sabatova will replace Varvarovsky who resigned as public citizens´ rights protector in December.

Krecek was supported by 36 deputies.

Krecek, former deputy for the Social Democrats (CSSD), was proposed as candidate for ombudsman by President Milos Zeman and the Senate, the upper house of parliament.

Former dissident Sabatova was nominated by the Senate.

She will take up the post after being sworn-in by Chamber of Deputies chairman Jan Hamacek (CSSD).

Hamacek said this should occur on February 18.

Neither of the two candidates succeeded in the first round of the election on Thursday.

The task of ombudsman, a post introduced in late 2000, is to protect people from inactivity or bad decisions of state authorities.

Ombudsman is empowered to call public administration bodies to correct their mistakes. However, if they fail to do so, the highest sanction the ombudsman may impose is to publish the case in question.

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