Almost 50 people accused over racial unrest in South Bohemia


22.01.2014 13:26

Ceske Budejovice - The police have accused 47 people in connection with anti-Romany rallies at the Maj largest housing estate in Ceske Budejovice in 2013 and some of them have been given suspended sentences, regional police spokesman Jiri Matzner told CTK today.


Při protiromském shromáždění na českobudějovickém sídlišti Máj zadrželi policisté 13. července desítky radikálů, kteří sídliště navzdory policejním výzvám odmítali opustit. ČTK Veis David

A total of 11 protest events, such as anti-Romany demonstrations and marches were staged there in last summer.

Nine policemen were injured during the protests.

The highest number of people were accused of assaulting a public officer, Matzner said.

Most of the protest events held at the Maj estate were aimed against the local Romany community.

The police detained 224 people during the demonstrations.

The number of the accused is not final, Matzner added.

People also filed several complaints against the work of riot policemen, for instance, their use of special telescopic batons.

Tension escalated at the Maj housing estate with some 22,000 residents, including about 400 Romanies, in June, 2013 when an incident between Romany and majority children occurred on a local playground that turned into a skirmish between adults.

Some locals complained about the problematic cohabitation with Romanies.

A number of civic groups condemned the anti-Romany demonstrations.

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